Friday, February 24, 2012

Nola Couture

So our annual Frank Norris Pig Dinner (this is a fraternity event) is coming up this April and every year my fraternity makes t-shirts for the event. This year the Pig Dinner Chairman had an the idea to do ties, and when I heard about this I kind of took over. I began to contact companies trying to find the best deal and who would be most willing to work with us. Well, after weeks of emails, I believe that I found the company I think we should work with. The company is called Nola Couture. They are based out of Louisiana and make some of the best belts and ties I've ever seen. They sent me a sample package with their belts, ties and other accessories, and I just have to say that there was great quality in everything they sent me. I would just like to personnaly thank Cecile Hardy for all her hard work and I hope my fraternity goes with Nola Couture for their tie designs. I know that Cecile and everyone at Nola Couture believe.... The South's the Limit! 
Nola Couture Belts and Tie (thats a crab on the soft)

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