Wednesday, February 29, 2012


As a college student, hats are very important to my wardrobe. In the morning, it doesn't matter how my hair looks, I can just grab a hat and go out the door. I find that wearing hats is the best way to keep my hair in line... (it likes to be unruly), and still look stylish. There just a few things everyone need to know about what kind of hats to wear and what kinds need to see their way out. The kind of hats I normally wear are baseball style caps with an adjustable back. There are many brands that make this style hat like Ralph Lauren, Southern Proper, Volunteer TraditionsSouthern Tide, and many more. Right now I'm rockin the blue Volunteer Traditions Tri Star hat that I got up in Knoxville at M.S. McClellan during a Volunteer Traditions Trunk Show. I love this hat! It literally goes with anything.

Thats me!
Another style of hat is the Ivy cap. I am not one to wear this style, but thats only because I can't really pull it off. I does look good, however, whenever you have on nicer attire (just not on me).

Also some fedoras can look really nice (just stay away from anything badazzled). Here is one from Brooks Brothers
As a southern gentleman there are a few hats one should avoid if you are trying to keep with the southern look. One is the infamous flat bill... I used to wear these alot when I was a scene kid, but the fact of the matter is they just don't look right with southern apparel.

This is just sad....

Another one to avoid is the beanie... this one is just because you don't wanna look like a pot head, and thats basically it.    
Nothing about this says "Southern Prep"... Also he looks lost...
Hats can be a great accessorry when putting together a nice outfit, and now you know what hats to go with and what hat to go a head and give to the Good Will... or burn, your choice. But as always... The South's the Limit!

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  1. Interesting post. I stick to the classic baseball cap for yard work and days at the pool to stay shaded. I enjoy the fedora/trilby, but it's currently too far into the hipster realm to wear it without pretentious connotations.

    My go-to is the driving cap (or ivy as you call it). I have a number of them in tweed and tartan for winter, madras for summer.