Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Different Scene

I know this may come as a shock to most people, but I haven't always lead the life of a preppy southern gent. It was only six short months ago I decided to make this big change in my appearance and lifestyle. I was what many people called a scene kid. Yes, I wore the skinny jeans, band tee's, flat bills, and even had my ears gauged down to 7/16''. Lets just say most of my wardrobe was comprised of black. Now, I am not saying that dressing in such a manner is bad or even wrong. I just believed that it was time for me to begin dressing like a productive member of society. Also my dad would always give me a hard time asking me "So when are you going to start dressing like an adult?" I guess I finally realized, in a way, he was right. I mean sure, dressing that way you don't really care what anyone thinks, but at a certain point you want to be taken seriously... also they won't allow you to play golf in a man tank and skinny jean short cut offs. So after my first game of golf, wearing khaki shorts and a polo tucked in, I discovered how comfortable the preppy style really was. No more skin tight clothes that make you feel like you can't move, gauges that made it look like someone hole punched your ears, or flat billed hats (I still wear hats, just baseball caps). Now it's all Volunteer Traditions, Southern Tide, and Vineyard Vines (but we'll talk more on them later). I've grown to really respect the class and quality of southern prep attire, and I have my great friends to thank for introducing me to this lifestyle. Until next time remember... the South's the limit!   


  1. Glad to have just discovered your blog. You've covered some interesting stuff so far, especially this post on your style transition. Though never into the 'scene' fashion, I also came into my own classic/preppy style entering college a few years ago.

    Hope you stop by and check out my blog. I think you'll also find some other sites in my blogroll you might enjoy.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. I made a similar transformation, but in my case, it was a return. The clothing choices made by my parents for me in my younger years were classic prep, and of course, I went to private institutions until high school. In high school, I decided to go public, and at best you could call me "non-offensive." I kept the khakis- but I paired them with reeboks and anime t-shirts. Once in college- I went back to the style of my youth. Mostly it had to do with my work as reporter for college newspapers. Swapping my reeboks for loafers and my t-shirts for polos or oxford cloth button downs, I could transition from class to interview to newsroom to the Capitol building in the same day with very small changes- normally only a blazer and tie. I've now spent four or five times as long dressed in classic style than I ever did not dressed that way.