Wednesday, February 29, 2012


As a college student, hats are very important to my wardrobe. In the morning, it doesn't matter how my hair looks, I can just grab a hat and go out the door. I find that wearing hats is the best way to keep my hair in line... (it likes to be unruly), and still look stylish. There just a few things everyone need to know about what kind of hats to wear and what kinds need to see their way out. The kind of hats I normally wear are baseball style caps with an adjustable back. There are many brands that make this style hat like Ralph Lauren, Southern Proper, Volunteer TraditionsSouthern Tide, and many more. Right now I'm rockin the blue Volunteer Traditions Tri Star hat that I got up in Knoxville at M.S. McClellan during a Volunteer Traditions Trunk Show. I love this hat! It literally goes with anything.

Thats me!
Another style of hat is the Ivy cap. I am not one to wear this style, but thats only because I can't really pull it off. I does look good, however, whenever you have on nicer attire (just not on me).

Also some fedoras can look really nice (just stay away from anything badazzled). Here is one from Brooks Brothers
As a southern gentleman there are a few hats one should avoid if you are trying to keep with the southern look. One is the infamous flat bill... I used to wear these alot when I was a scene kid, but the fact of the matter is they just don't look right with southern apparel.

This is just sad....

Another one to avoid is the beanie... this one is just because you don't wanna look like a pot head, and thats basically it.    
Nothing about this says "Southern Prep"... Also he looks lost...
Hats can be a great accessorry when putting together a nice outfit, and now you know what hats to go with and what hat to go a head and give to the Good Will... or burn, your choice. But as always... The South's the Limit!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Murry State

Last Saturday night was the Murry State vs. TN Tech basketball game (mens and womens), and lets just say they were both good games to watch. The womens team basically grabbed Murry State by the shirt, beat them within an inch of their life, and then put them six feet under. It was a complete blowout! I don't recall the score, I just remember having a great time. Then the mens game was packed! I don't think where was a single empty seat in the Hoop (Hooper Eblen Center). It really came down to the wire! I remember I actually had to leave my seat and take a few laps around the outside while I waited for the game to end. We lost but only by 4 points.... I don't recall the score on that game either, but it was still a great time. I think what made this game so much fun was not so much the game but the atmosphere. It felt like there were at least 40 of my brothers sitting with me in the students section, and a lot of them dressed up in tacky attire to distract the players from the other team. Thats a unique bunch of men right there... but its times like these that make me feel... the South's the Limit
This was from the womens game. The guy dressed like a cow is one of my roommates...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Nola Couture

So our annual Frank Norris Pig Dinner (this is a fraternity event) is coming up this April and every year my fraternity makes t-shirts for the event. This year the Pig Dinner Chairman had an the idea to do ties, and when I heard about this I kind of took over. I began to contact companies trying to find the best deal and who would be most willing to work with us. Well, after weeks of emails, I believe that I found the company I think we should work with. The company is called Nola Couture. They are based out of Louisiana and make some of the best belts and ties I've ever seen. They sent me a sample package with their belts, ties and other accessories, and I just have to say that there was great quality in everything they sent me. I would just like to personnaly thank Cecile Hardy for all her hard work and I hope my fraternity goes with Nola Couture for their tie designs. I know that Cecile and everyone at Nola Couture believe.... The South's the Limit! 
Nola Couture Belts and Tie (thats a crab on the soft)

Thursday, February 23, 2012


My gal may be from California, but she can cook like she is from the South. She made this last night... it made my taste buds dance the happy dance in my mouth. I guess if she continues to cook like this I can over look the whole being from the West Coast thing...teehee

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Have a Brew!

Beer makes almost anything better, that's a given. Whether it be sports, parties, or even family events, beer is just makes everything more fun. I experienced this yesterday when I went fishing with a few of my fraternity brothers. They asked me if I wanted to go fishing and I figured that would be a perfect excuse to drink beer. I didn't have a pole, bait, hooks or any fishing gear, but I did have a coozie. So we went to the corner market and I purchased the classiest beer on the market... Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR). People will tell you that PBR is a low quality beer close to the taste of Natural Light or Busch Light, but I say those people have insanity of the mouth. Pabst is an American beer! Respect it!...

Anyways, we got to the lake and I wasn't sure how the park felt about beer, so without a cooler I decided to wrap the 12 pk. in a jacket. I doubt I was fooling anyone though... who has a square jacket? Finally we got to the water, and after about nine or ten sad casts catching nothing but sticks and algee, I gave up and just decided to enjoy the nice February afternoon breeze with a cold Pabst in my hand. As I watched the sun slowly drift down to the horizon, I thought to myself "The South really is the limit."

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Different Scene

I know this may come as a shock to most people, but I haven't always lead the life of a preppy southern gent. It was only six short months ago I decided to make this big change in my appearance and lifestyle. I was what many people called a scene kid. Yes, I wore the skinny jeans, band tee's, flat bills, and even had my ears gauged down to 7/16''. Lets just say most of my wardrobe was comprised of black. Now, I am not saying that dressing in such a manner is bad or even wrong. I just believed that it was time for me to begin dressing like a productive member of society. Also my dad would always give me a hard time asking me "So when are you going to start dressing like an adult?" I guess I finally realized, in a way, he was right. I mean sure, dressing that way you don't really care what anyone thinks, but at a certain point you want to be taken seriously... also they won't allow you to play golf in a man tank and skinny jean short cut offs. So after my first game of golf, wearing khaki shorts and a polo tucked in, I discovered how comfortable the preppy style really was. No more skin tight clothes that make you feel like you can't move, gauges that made it look like someone hole punched your ears, or flat billed hats (I still wear hats, just baseball caps). Now it's all Volunteer Traditions, Southern Tide, and Vineyard Vines (but we'll talk more on them later). I've grown to really respect the class and quality of southern prep attire, and I have my great friends to thank for introducing me to this lifestyle. Until next time remember... the South's the limit!   

Monday, February 20, 2012

You're from Tennessee?

I have lived in the south my entire life, and I love just about every aspect of it. The one thing that sets me apart from my fellow Tennesseans is my lack of accent... I know it seems like a very minuscule aspect, but when people who are not from the south hear me talk, they are surprised to hear I was born and raised in Nashville. And "yes", the rest of the world, "we all wear shoes!" I believe that some people are still under the impression that we all look, act, and sound like the Clampetts. But I digress, this is my first of hopefully many posts about southern college style, the outdoors, great trips with friends and many more things...but remember... the south's the limit!

Me and some of my brothers having a great time tailgating... I never make it to the game.