Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Have a Brew!

Beer makes almost anything better, that's a given. Whether it be sports, parties, or even family events, beer is just makes everything more fun. I experienced this yesterday when I went fishing with a few of my fraternity brothers. They asked me if I wanted to go fishing and I figured that would be a perfect excuse to drink beer. I didn't have a pole, bait, hooks or any fishing gear, but I did have a coozie. So we went to the corner market and I purchased the classiest beer on the market... Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR). People will tell you that PBR is a low quality beer close to the taste of Natural Light or Busch Light, but I say those people have insanity of the mouth. Pabst is an American beer! Respect it!...

Anyways, we got to the lake and I wasn't sure how the park felt about beer, so without a cooler I decided to wrap the 12 pk. in a jacket. I doubt I was fooling anyone though... who has a square jacket? Finally we got to the water, and after about nine or ten sad casts catching nothing but sticks and algee, I gave up and just decided to enjoy the nice February afternoon breeze with a cold Pabst in my hand. As I watched the sun slowly drift down to the horizon, I thought to myself "The South really is the limit."

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