Tuesday, March 27, 2012


So this past weekend was our Purple Garter Formal and it was a blast! From have a great time driving up with my friends to the late nights of no sleep, everything about this weekend was amazing.
This was the first miraculous sight we saw!

Then that night we had a great time!

Saw this work of art on the side of the road and had to mess  with it.
Some of my friends decided to put it in the middle of the street.
"Look at my horse! My horse is amazing!"

My girlfriend was unfortunately unable to attend the dinner with me, but luckily one of my great friends said she would go with me. What a looker! (and my date looks good too) 

The South's The Limit!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Time for Pastels!

So it is starting to warm up and we all know what that means... Time to bust out the pastel's for Spring!

I recently picked up this purple Ralph Lauren button down

Its hard not to enjoy a  good pastel button down especially in the Spring. It just looks so nice! I have a blue and purple... now all I need is green and red! What is your favorite thing to wear in the Spring? The South's the limit!

Ask not what your wardrobe can do for you; ask what you can do for your wardrobe!

Last week I decided it was about time to get rid of all the clothes that I no longer wear. Goodbye skinny jeans. Goodbye random shirts. Goodbye hoodies, and jackets that are far to small for me but still thought I could wear. *Sigh* The good ole days.
Made 7 bags of clothes... and still have another box and all the shoes to go...

One of the main reasons I decided to do some spring cleaning was so my girlfriend would stop calling me a hoarder. And I don't know about you guys but I've seen that TV show Hoarders.... I don't want that evil put on me! But the best part about throwing out 75% of your clothes... replenishing!

The South's the Limit!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Being in college it's sometimes hard to get into a grove of working out on a regular basis. I know my studies (and the occasional party or two) really got in the way of working out. There just wasn't enough time in the day to get in a good workout and get all my work done. But about a month ago, one of my friends told me about this new way of working out called CrossFit. He told me it was very short very intense workouts that utilizes your entire body and not just isolated muscle groups. And the beauty of the whole thing was that it only lasts around 20 minutes. Well that's exactly what I needed with my busy schedule, so I went and checked it out. Now the workouts might be short, but he wasn't kidding about the intense part. Seconds upon completing my first workout I vowed to never do that to my body ever again... then five minutes later... I signed up for the next class. I guess its kind of like that restaurant that you like, but you never feel good after you eat there (its usually Mexican restaurants for me). Oh did I mention the aching that your body endures the day after your workout... I could hardly bend over to put my socks on! But, I keep going... I guess that part of my brain that tells me not to hurt myself is dead, and I'm hoping all this hard work will eventually pay off... Until next time, remember, The South's the Limit! 

Here is where I go to murder my body!

Monday, March 5, 2012

A Comfortable Fit

I, as many of my other friends, enjoy a nice fitting polo for a warm Spring day. Nothing says its getting nice outside like wearing your favorite polo shirt tucked into a nice pair of chino shorts. I've been trying to expand my collection of polos with a nice variety to colors. I have a few, but as you know I just started to dress this way and my wardrobe isn't quite were I want it to be. I try not to stick to one brand of polos because I know there are tons of different companies out there and all of them make nice, quality clothes. There's the big dogs like Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers and Lacoste, but there is also Southern Tide, Vineyard Vines, Southern Proper, Southern Point Co., Coast, Perlis, Gulf Coast, Salmon Cove, and many more. You should check them out if you have never heard of them.
Here's a Brooks Brothers polo I won on ebay
I like this look a lot right now, and even though it might change here or there, I like to reflect on some advice a wise man once gave me "there's never a better time to reinvent yourself than college". Thanks CKC.
And remember, as always, the South's the Limit!