Monday, June 4, 2012

Mom's Birthday and Father's Day

So my mother's birthday is coming up this Friday and I haven't the slightest clue what to get her...
She says that all she wants is my love, but I want to give her an actual gift. I'm just not sure what to get her. I really need some help on this one and my girlfriend isn't being helpful either. I want to get her something she will use, that is fun and more than likely colorful.... this one is tough.... What do you get for the greatest mother in the whole world? If you like moms please leave a comment of great gift ideas.

Then there is Father's Day. A celebration of dads. I did pick up my dad a new Brooks Brothers Polo to wear when we go golf in a couple of weeks. My dad is not one for brands, but I think he can appreciate a good polo shirt.
The relationship I have with my dad is the best. We could have an argument, and like clock work, we make up within the hour... every time. I consider my dad to be one of my best friends, and I love and respect him more and more each day. 

Here is a great picture of my whole family... and me before I was preppy (note the flat bill)


  1. A few guidelines to follow when it comes to gifts for moms. Nothing for the kitchen. Moms don't want cooking supplies or things that only allow them to serve you. No gift cards of any kind. Flowers should only accompany a good gift and not be the entire gift. The card is equally as important as the gift, and humorous cards are not humorous. If possible, call an aunt or friend of your mom's and see if she's been hinting about a particular gift idea.

  2. What a cute family pic! I love spa stuff and I'm a mother