Thursday, April 19, 2012

Date Night with My Lady

My Lady wanted to go on a date, so when I got home from work yesterday I was surprised to see her all dolled up to go out. So I quickly got ready to have a nice evening with a beautiful woman.
Look at this classy lady I had the pleasure of attending dinner and a movie with.
I bought her a Brooks Brothers  Polo for a presentation but instead I got to enjoy
 her wearing it on our date. 

Ralph Lauren OCBD, IZOD flat fronts, J Press belt, Southern Proper hat
 We started the date by going to Longhorn Steakhouse and it was delicious! After that we went to go see the movie The Cabin in the Woods.

My Lady and I have seen quite a few scary movies together, and we have seen all the stereotypical zombie, ghosts, serial killer, and creature features films that are out there. But this movie kept us guessing. I can usually figure out movies after a point, and I thought I did with this movie, but then there was a crazy twist. So if you are a fan of horror films I'd say go see this, just solely on the fact that you will probably say,"What the Hell did I just watch?"

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  1. I don't do horror films, but I dig your significant other's pink BB polo!