Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Jackets

I recently purchased a BB jacket from an outlet and the fit is unbelievable! It feel like it was tailored just for me! Not to loose or tight, the sleeve length is perfect, and it fits snugly on my shoulders! So what if I had to spend a bit more, I probably would have spent that much just to get a jacket tailored so I'm okay with it.

I also purchased a Lands End jacket from Broke & Bespoke. He was selling this jacket on his tumbler and I decided to hit him up about it. He told me that others had made him offers earlier, but if for some reason they flaked out that he would let me know. Sure enough they did and I was able to snag this beauty for da cheap-cheap. It does need to be taken up in the sleeves, but other than that it's great. I'm really enjoying growing my jacket collection.

Oh and another thing I have picked where I'm going on my Summer trip. I'm heading out to Las Vegas for a fun trip with My Lady's family. I've been out there before with her family, but this time her extended family will be there as well (I hope I don't embarrass myself... or her). But I'm looking forward to see all the beautiful hotels, all the lights glowing from the strip, and lets not forget the booze! I'll take some pics to post when I return.


  1. Congrats on the two new jackets. Nice fit to both of them. What's your size? I have about a hundred jackets for the CKC Shoppe in storage and I'd be glad to see what I have in your size. Enjoy the vacation!

  2. Yeah... So easy for you to find jackets. Me, not so much. I'm a 34.