Friday, August 31, 2012

Black and White Diamond Affair... and OCBD

 Last night we had our first mixer with the lovely ladies of Alpha Delta Pi. We have the Black and White Diamond Affair every year and this year I really wanted to make a statement. That statement was... "Look here! Look here at my pants!"
 I really like these embroidered pant. They are what really made me stand apart from everyone else. I got quite a few looks as well as many complements.

 Now I know these are black and white but, I had to have some color in there.

 You can never go wrong with a custom fit OCBD.
I think that Oxford cloth is probably my favorite material, and OCBDs are my favorite kind of shirts. The durability of the shirt lets me know that the shirt will last for many years. These are just a few of my OCBDs and I try to put them into rotation as frequent as possible.

1 comment:

  1. Great outfit. Great selection of oxfords. There's nothing like a washed-a-million-times, couldn't-be-softer oxford.