Monday, July 9, 2012

Long Time, No Post!

I've been bad lately about keeping up with my blog regularly... and for that I apologize.... not back to the post. Since it has been almost 2 weeks, I need to put several bits in this post including Let's Get Beer Wednesday, and the wedding I attended a couple of weekends ago. Lets jump in beer first shall we?

So we found out a couple of weeks ago that the Kroger in Cookeville finally got on the same page as all the other Krogers and made a "you pick six" section. And even though it was at a Kroger we were getting beer, they still had a large selection.

The first beer that I went for was the Sierra Nevada, because I haven't had a beer from them yet that I haven't enjoyed. This beer was no exception! I loved the great flavors of this beer! It had a hint of banana which I found very refreshing.
Next was the Lazy Magnolia Deep South Pale Ale. I wasn't sure if this was going to be very good, but I was wrong. It was very flavorful!
  This was the New Belgium 1554 Black Lager. It was a great dark beer, however I might stay away from drinking to many of those during the Summer months. I think this would be a great Fall and Winter beer.
 This is the Long Board Island Lager. I had never tried this beer before, but it defiantly wasn't for me... compared to all the other beers I had that night, it just kind of fell flat.
 This was the last beer I had for the evening. This is Shiner Ruby Redbird. This is probably going to one of my favorite beers for the rest of my life. I love the taste of ginger, and this beer basically tastes like a alcoholic ginger ale! It was soooo good. The only down side to this beer is that it is a seasonal beer and will most likely go back into hibernation once Fall rolls around. :(
 Here is a pic from the wedding that I attended a few weekends back. Doesn't my Lady look super hot in that dress?! It's hard to see but she made me that red lapel flower. Also I got a chance to wear my new Brooks Brothers. I'm not sure if the slim fit pants are working for me though...
This is just on here because I wanted to say happy freedom day and suck it England! (jk England you know I'm just foolin with you

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